R + D + i

As Ingesea is a company formed by people with experience in large companies and technology centers, it is noteworthy that all technicians of our team have participated in several innovative projects in the world of industrial processes, the study of advanced processes, machine design and the development of complete production lines.

Experience acquired in recent years, Ingesea has actively participated in various R+D projects related to solar energy.

Currently, Ingesea has in progress a number of European R+D projects:

MNT-ERA.NET´s logo

MNT-ERA.NET: European project in which Ingesea is the leader. Its technical objective is the design and manufacturing of photovoltaic thin film (CIGS) solar cells, focusing especially on the measurement and quality control during the manufacturing process.

Seventh Framework Programme´s logo

Seventh Framework Programme – European Project for the utilization and cutting of broken or defective solar cells by laser, including detection by artificial vision of defect or rupture of cells and laser cutting of the cell to make it at useful as possible (electroluminiscence, artificial vision and handling).

Laser cutting cell
Solar cell Microscope