As Ingesea is a company formed by people with experience in large companies and technology centers, it should be noted that all team technicians have participated in different innovative projects in the world of process industrialization, the study of advanced processes, the design of machinery and the development of complete production lines, among others. The experience gained has been complemented by collaboration in projects in automotive and energy companies.

In recent years, Ingesea has actively participated in various R&D&i projects related to photovoltaic energy.

Currently, Ingesea has successfully completed several European R&D&i projects:


Ingesea participates in a European project that seeks to optimize the sustainability and efficiency of the manufacturing of solar energy systems through the development of technologies that allow the production of cells and photovoltaic panels, reducing their environmental impact and the consumption of resources.


European R & D project “to develop a laser device for the repair of damaged FV cells during their manufacturing process, to produce new photovoltaic modules with improved characteristics and customized formats”.

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