Thermal solar energy

Solar thermal energy is a widely consolidated and efficient energy and must be incorporated in new buildings or rehabilitation of old buildings according to CTE. It is one of the highest performing energies and we are in an optimal location for its use, with a quick amortization of the investment.

From INGESEA we offer our experience in the manufacture of modules and turnkey lines as well as installations in commercial equipment buildings.


Design of turnkey manufacturing lines

INGESEA designs, according to the client’s needs, manufacturing lines for thermal solar modules.

INGESEA in this field, integrates from the design of the module, to the definition of the line, adapting to all the needs that the client may demand.

INGESEA carries out a complete management, which reduces the risk of the investor. For this we behave as business advisors, facilitating the criteria that make the risk assessment viable within this activity, avoiding unnecessary risks.

Manual and/or semi-automatic

Our handling equipment is the perfect solution for many industries, providing our customers with the automatic systems necessary to achieve high levels of productivity and reduce the labor risks generated by the incorrect handling of products.

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